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1:1 Training

I offer 1:1 training for make up artists from all levels (beginner to advanced)

1 Eye Look and Base: 2.5-3hrs

· PRICE $350*

2 Different Eye Looks and Base: 4-4.5hrs
· PRICE $650*

Lessons are only available on weekdays.

*GST is not included (Please note that this will be added to final total)

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Pro Course

1:1 Training

An all rounder 1:1 intimate course catering to the exclusive needs and availability of makeup enthusiasts who want to turn their passion into profession. Learn everything it takes to build a promising career from perfecting your makeup techniques to social media engagement skills in this industry.
You do not need any prior experience in the field to apply for this course!
This short course includes four sessions followed by a practice day.
15 exclusive slots available for 2023!
Course Outline:
  • Starter Makeup Kit List
  • Knowledge Skin Prep
  • Knowledge Hygenic Makeup Application
  • Full Face Application Soft to Ultimate Glamour
  • Building Your Clientale Photography & Lighting
  • Knowledge Tips for Impressive Social Media
  • Engagement Running a Successful Mua Buisness
Price: $1999*
30% deposit needs to secure your slot
Payment Plans Available
*GST is not included (Please note that this will be added to final total)

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